Everything you need to know about content marketing in one stack!

    Everything you need to know about content marketing in one stack!

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    Are you interested in content marketing? I just discovered a great tool that will make your life so much easier! Everything you need to know about content marketing is now collected in one place – it’s called the Content Marketing Stack.

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    Simply visit this website at http://www.contentmarketingstack.co/.

    You will immediately notice that it’s not a typical tool with “free trial” version, videos and parallax headers. It’s all content marketing knowledge curated in a set of tabs, divided into seven different steps or action points:

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    Click on one of the tabs, e.g. SEO or Content Calendar and you’ll be redirected to another set of tabs just for this topic. I searched for the topic “Infographics” and this is what it came up with:

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    There are articles, guides, and most of all, useful tools, such as Piktochart or infogr.am. The quality of the content is very carefully selected to deliver the best.

    If anything new is added, you can subscribe to an email newsletter to receive updates. Simple right?

    If you enjoyed this tool, there are also other toolkits for Marketing, Startup and Design (Markerbook). Happy stacking!