YouTube Shopping Ads go live this year

    YouTube Shopping Ads go live this year

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    Last week was pretty exciting in social media. Facebook tests reactions next to likes, Pinterest introduces Buyable Pins with the biggest e-commerce platforms, Instagram opened up their ads to majority of users, Twitter announced Twitter Moments and more. Have you heard of YouTube Shopping Ads? 

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    Video marketing is the buzz word today and with shoppable videos becoming more and more popular, YouTube had to respond. Few months ago YouTube introduced Cards and TrueView which allows advertisers to turn their Google merchant data into product cards. From now on, YouTube ads a full shopping functionality within the video, and this will apply to all videos on the platform. Viewers can buy the product directly from the video.

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    So how will this look? Don’t be surprised when there’s an info icon popping up on the upper right corner of the screen. When you mouseover or click, YouTube will show you the entire

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    Product Card on the right hand side including product name and price, while still watching the video. Clicking on “Buy Now” call to action will get you to the product page of the merchant.

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    Ads are obviously sponsored and Google is planning to follow a similar auction strategy as on Google Search. Don’t worry, you will only see widgets featuring the products that are mentioned in the video. Relevance and targeting is key here. It’s a really great way of featuring native content and making it easier for the user to access the product instantly.

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    Is this surprising news? Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing that YouTube is releasing it so late. I’ve seen other great examples of shoppable videos that even have a better user experience than YouTube Shopping Ads. Check this great motion touch enabled video from Nowness. Clicking on a product shows you a collection of snaps with the product information you need.

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    Google announced to launch YouTube Shopping Ads within the upcoming months. Are you curious what’s the Facebook’s response will be? Let me know what your guesses are in the comments below!