View the history of the website with Wayback Machine

    View the history of the website with Wayback Machine

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    I’d like to walk you through one of the tools I use very often and it’s called Wayback Machine. It’s simply the archives of every website that has been registered on the World Wide Web. If you want to scan the history of a particular website, that’s the tool to use!

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    Simply visit and type in any http:// address that you want to screen. Wayback Machine will take a few moments to provide you with a calendar showing moments when the site was ‘crawled’ by WayBack Machine. I checked the BBC website myself:

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    As you can see, crawling began since 1996 (wonder why :D) and the closer to 2015, the more snapshots are available. Remember, this is a calendar of moments when Wayback Machine

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    visited the website and took a snap, not how many times was the website uploaded. Just look how BBC website looked like in March 2000:

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    Well they didn’t seem to have good weather back then right?

    Why is that tool useful? There’s probably no easier way to understand how one’s website has changed throughout the time and it’s a great way to keep an eye on your competitors.

    Have you ever had that moment when you came across a site, saved the link, bookmarked it or even pinned on Pinterest and just a few days later,

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    when you wanted to show it to your colleagues or your boss, it changed? Guess you didn’t take a screenshot huh? 😀 Wayback Machine comes with a great solution – you can “save” the page as it is now. I tried it myself and it works!

    Just type in your website in the “Save Page Now” or any website that you like and hit “Save Page”:

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    Wayback Machine looks at it and saves it as a snap with an image URL. The day and time are also saved:

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    Forget taking screenshots – they’re not clickable! Clicking on hyperlinks via Wayback Machine redirects you to the first available capture from that day.

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    This tool doesn’t only store websites – you can browse through videos, news, photos, and more. The data is sorted per date, title, theme, author and more:

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    I could take a peak on BBC news from Christmas in 2010 – Wayback Machine provided me with 1 minute snippets of video. Awesome right?

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    That was my discovery for this week – I hope it was helpful. Two more good tips – 1) it’s free 2) there are extensions available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Have fun!