Great tool to resize social media images

    Great tool to resize social media images


    If you don’t have Photoshop installed on your laptop, I’ve found a great, simple tool for you to resize social media images. It’s very important to customize your posts on social media and make sure the images are optimized for each channel, just for the better user experience. They also get qualified as “high quality content” by engines.

    The guys at Buffer know what they’re talking about. Images that are optimized for social media get better engagement rates:

    (stats from Courtney Seiter, Buffer).

    Have you heard of Pablo from Buffer?

    resize social media images-pablo-buffer

    The tool works very simple. Just visit Pablo and you’ll see a screen like this:  

    pablo main screen

    For those of you who often resize social media images, it looks pretty straightforward to use.

    We wanted to help people benefit from images more easily by creating a tool with the same simplicity in mind that we often hear as a reason for people using Buffer for scheduling their posts. Here’s our MVP 🙂

    – Joel Gascoigne, Co-founder of Buffer on Product Hunt.

    First, choose your platform. Pablo enables you to resize social media images for four main social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (you’ll get a wide, square and tall options to choose from).

    Second, you can add a line of text as well as secondary line and a logo. A trick to try out, use secondary line and logo as your call to action!

    Thirdly, it’s time to add the image. If you lack inspiration, Buffer has loaded background images already (also stock photos from Unsplash are there), however you can also upload your own image from your device.

    Pablo ready image

    The benefit of Pablo is that it shows you a preview in real-time. What happens next? Share it immediately to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, download it on your device or save it in Buffer if you’re using it to schedule your social media posts. Easy right?

    I’ve written a blog post on how to resize social media images and included a handy cheat sheet including all images sizes for you to print it out easily.

    Why do I use Pablo instead of other tools? I like Canva and Social Image Resizer Tool, however only Pablo can help me resize social media images in one go. I can immediately preview it when changing the destination platform and I can also share it to the main social platforms (Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter) immediately. I’m also happy to work on my iPad, although the look and feel is a bit different there and iPhone version is not completely responsive.

    I’m not entirely happy that it’s only browser-based – this means it only works on and not as an app. I’m very excited though to see the browser extension that Buffer is working on.

    Let me know if you have any other great tools to resize social media images to check out! Don’t forget to join the discussion on LinkedIn!