LinkedIn’s new app LookUp

    LinkedIn’s new app LookUp


    Just a few days ago LinkedIn launched their new app LinkedIn Lookup. It’s designed with the purpose to get more information about your coworkers within your company. LinkedIn’s new app solves the problem of not up-to-date intranets and ineffective teams built as a result of no knowledge about our colleagues’ skillsets.

    As our team grew, I began to worry more about our employees not knowing each other, and not knowing what everyone else was working on. And I was concerned about the impact this could have on our culture and productivity.

    – says the co-founder of LinkedIn, Ankit Gupta.

    LinkedIn Lookup App


    So what does LinkedIn Lookup app do? It helps finding out people within your company if you’re looking for a specific skill, past experience, title or name. You get an instant profile of the person including his or her email address and a work telephone.

    Remember – this is a professional app, which means you share only your business contact details – no need to disclose your personal email! Contact preferences that members add to Lookup are only visible to coworkers using the app, and don’t appear on their public LinkedIn profiles.

    Another feature is direct messaging – it works independently from InMail, so no need to worry when your message gets unsent by LinkedIn (does this also happen to you?!) – here it’s easy to message someone directly and quickly.

    Lookup features

    How could you use this app for your benefit?

    It gives me a nice overview of what my colleagues are doing and what is their background. No need to search for each and every person separately and with a “but he will see that I visited his profile” thought. Because it’s within “our” company environment, I’m not distracted by LinkedIn notifications – so I can solely focus on finding out information I want.

    Furthermore, LinkedIn had a point with this new app – my company’s intranet really sucks. My colleagues’ pictures are unprofessional and their information is not up to date, including their direct lines or even job titles. Not even mentioning that the entire system crashes and only runs with Internet Explorer browser.

    What about you? Would you find the Lookup app useful? And for what purposes would you like to use it? Let me know if you also suffer from “I wish I could know what this person is doing, but I’m too afraid to ask” dillemma!