LinkedIn SlideShare launches Clipboards

    LinkedIn SlideShare launches Clipboards


    SlideShare is in the news today. Just 3 years ago LinkedIn has acquired SlideShare as it’s main professional content sharing platform. It is now rebranded as LinkedIn SlideShare and today they launched a new feature, Clipping.

    This new feature allows better information discovery and most of all, clipping it to your clipboard. From now on, you can save not the entire decks, but particular slides to your own clipboards. So no more screenshots, copying and pasting or printing out the entire decks.

    So how does it work? Just browse through categories and find the presentation that you like. Once clicking through the presentation, if a particular slide is interesting, just click “Clip Slide”. Select where you’d like to save your slide exactly and continue reading!

    Clip button appears in bottom left corner


    Clipping to a clipboard

    What happens when you open your clipboard? You will get an overview of the clips you’ve saved or a number of clipboards that you’ve created for yourself. You can copy the slide and move it to another clipboard or delete it.

    Your Clipboard

    Each slide displays also the title of the original presentation, in case you want to come back to the presentation.  

    Have you tried it already? Are you using SlideShare for your research? I personally like this “Pinterest-like” organization of information per topic. It helps me save only the information that I need, so it allows me to skip the less relevant information.  

    Clipping function is another way of LinkedIn to attract more users to this network. In fight with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, LinkedIn needs to consider the importance of search, discovery, quality content and topical organization within their platform. Also, LinkedIn explains that within 2 years, their content almost doubled, and hence the need to organize decks in a way that is easier to users.  

    What do you think? Is the feature useful? What else would you suggest?