How do you use your Twitter Analytics?

    How do you use your Twitter Analytics?

    Do you have the Twitter business page? Have you been checking your Twitter Analytics dashboard to find out which is the best performing tweet or who is your most engaged follower?

    This blog post will show you what data you can obtain from Twitter for free and how you can use it to make informed decisions.

    Where to find Twitter Analytics? 

    Simply log in to your Twitter account and select your profile in the top right corner and hit “Analytics”.

    You can also visit this page: Twitter Analytics is available to business pages only.


    Once you’re logged in, the Analytics homepage will look similar to this one:  

    Twitter AnalyticsWhat’s in there?

    Twitter brings you a monthly summary, based on the last 28 day period. The dashboard is updated daily and you can customize the time range in the Tweets tab. When logging in you immediately get to see these stats:

    • Number of tweets 
    • Tweet Impressions
    • Profile visits
    • Mentions
    • Followers 
    • Links to your profile

    Tweet Activity

    This is where you find out about your tweet reach. First, see the graph which displays the amount of impressions your tweet received on a daily basis:

    Tweet Activity

    Get a detailed view of every single tweet, reply and promoted tweets and see their reach, engagement and engagement rate.

    Tweet Activity

    On the right hand side there are even more detailed graphs of Twitter engagement – that is clicks on links, favorites, retweets and more. You can customize the entire view by selecting the time range in the top right corner menu.


    I like this overview for many reasons. First, you can choose to compare your Twitter followers with a comparison audience, e.g. all Twitter users. This displays information in a better way, allowing you to make good decisions basing on sound benchmarks. 

    See standard demographic information such as the gender split, interests and their place of residence. 

    How can I use this data for my Twitter marketing?

    As with all the systems – too much data can do more harm than good. Make sure you understand what you measure and know what you want to get out of it. You can use those stats as an indication for your marketing strategy:

    • Which types of posts? 

    Basing on the Tweet activity tab you can quickly see which types of tweets work for your audience and which don’t. Find out what made the top tweet performing best. Was it about an image, hashtag, link, catchy title or the subject of the tweet? 

    • Who is your audience? 

    Find out more about your target audience on Twitter. This might vary a lot from your customer base or your Facebook fans. Check if the content should be more female or not and in which country your followers live. Perhaps localizing the content e.g. using local language or local humor will bring more engagement? 

    • Do you grow a following? 

    The followers growth graph will should you if you grow a healthy following. Monthly comparisons can show you if you develop some kind of cycles. Industry benchmarks are also a very good point of reference. 

    • How frequent to post?

    Check your ratio: number of tweets/total impressions. See if tweeting more often results in more or less reach. Compare the engagement rates to decide your optimal frequency of tweeting. 

    • Who to connect with? 

    Find your top followers and connect with them to boost your reach. Twitter is a great tool to reach out to people and engage with them. See if there are any opportunities to collaborate! 

    I also monitor who mentions my profile and how much engagement they get. It’s a great way to reciprocate and say thank you for the mentions – it never hurts to be kind, and who knows if karma is not around the corner?;) 

    That was Twitter Analytics in a nutshell! I wonder if you use the dashboard to come up with better tweets! Share your experiences or questions here below!