5 bugs that really bug me on linkedin

    5 bugs that really bug me on linkedin

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    The concept of building LinkedIn as a social platform for professionals and a resource for insights and opportunities was well thought by Reid Hoffman, the main founder. LinkedIn in practice could do better. All of you who use it to find or post a job,

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    build your profile, strengthen business networks and access industry knowledge will agree with me that LinkedIn does suffer from technical imperfections. I’ve counted 5 major bugs on linkedin and I’m curious to see if you share my opinion.

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    I really get it – this is one of the ways that LinkedIn works out their business model. It’s a great feature for big companies, recruiters and entrepreneurs who want to reach out to the ‘big fish’. I’m not any of them (yet). So STOP spamming me every second week with the “Marta, get a free trial of LinkedIn Premium Professional” emails and turn off this header on the homepage that I can’t switch myself.

    That's just a short snippet of my mailbox

    I really don’t need it and having an account for 4 years now, you should be able to know it already. I don’t click on those newsletters and my profession is not even close to the HR department. There is one feature though that could convince me to upgrade to Premium even right now – “Upgrade to SWITCH OFF ALL ANNOYING PREMIUM MESSAGES FROM LINKEDIN”. Perhaps a new business idea, LinkedIn? 🙂

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    4. What’s up with the UI?

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    User Interface is definitely one of the bugs on linkedin. I just recently discovered those three dots hiding underneath “Publish a Post” where you can select between Recent and Top Updates. By the way did you know that your timeline is by default set to only most popular updates? Good luck finding an update that you have posted few minutes ago.


    It’s all just really looking like a series of “Where’s Wally?” books. Try creating shortcuts or bookmarking the groups you actively follow and you’ll fail miserably. I always have to do the same thing everyday – hitting “Interests” & “Groups” & and collapsing the menu to find the group I want to open up.

    Not so long ago LinkedIn has bought SlideShare and integrated the Pulse app. It’s a pity they’re hiding such great resources under this really sad menu tab “Interests”. No, SlideShare is not my interest LinkedIn! Both with Pulse they’re my full time job, my source of income! So why not making them more prominent on the homepage?

    One more comment – be smart. I recently switched jobs and changed my job status. Don’t show me “see yourself at Shell” or “grow your career by following AXA jobs”. That’s just not intelligent.

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    3. No video? Why???

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    LinkedIn doesn’t show a lot of activity in this area – at the moment there is no native video functionality on LinkedIn. This means you can post a link to a YouTube video, but you can’t post the video directly to the platform. It’s still this YouTube experience – two black headers on top and bottom and YouTube suggestions showing up on the video.


    Since the last two years, video is exploding and a platform where you can only post a link, a photo or a short update looks a bit sad.

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    2. Think twice before you post

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    Why oh why there’s no spell-check function?! Perhaps this is something for me to improve, however on LinkedIn, once you post an update, there’s no way back. You can’t edit the post or add something extra. Nothing except for “Delete” function. If anyone has any idea why LinkedIn chose this path, could you please explain in the comments below? I can’t think of any good reason.


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    1. Groups – there’s hope!

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    I’m writing this one just before LinkedIn launches improvements to the Groups. Finally! It’s been a nightmare to both members and the moderators. Problems with moderating membership, no ability to post a discussion, never-ending pending requests – it’s (apparently) all now solved with standard/unlisted groups, easier invites and more.

    I’m still trying to understand how the phenomenon of LinkedIn Groups grew to where we are now. Most of them are just a trash can where everyone throws their rubbish into – it’s hard to keep up with social media groups, if new articles are being posted every minute. How can groups grow if I can’t share the discussion back to my profile or on my timeline?

    Let me put it this way – features available to members are very limited. You can only post a discussion by either sharing a text update or a link. No way to post a beautiful image, interesting infographic or your own video. There’s no “community” features like rating, chatting, sharing emojis etc.


    LinkedIn Messaging has been recently improved – have you also had those problems with not being able to reply to someone’s message? Or showing unread (actually read long time ago) messages? It’s now all solved – let’s hope there’s more to come.

    What do you think about LinkedIn as a platform? Would you have something to add? Perhaps you have your own tricks to solve the bugs on linkedin? Join the Social Media Tipz group on LinkedIn and let me know!