10 great blogs and podcasts that will elevate your business

    10 great blogs and podcasts that will elevate your business

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    I’ve graduated from uni not so long ago, yet I feel it has been million light years since what I’ve learnt from core marketing books to what I know now. Many of you ask me where to find resources to learn more about online marketing and to be honest I struggle with an answer to “Which books do you read?” question.

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    The problem is – this fantastic New York Times bestseller or this 5kg marketing encyclopedia from X professor – the moment they are published, they’re already 10 years behind. Because online is now. And it changes. Every. Single. Day.

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    How do I learn about social media? I can recommend you three fantastic resources that will not cost you a cent.

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    Follow the companies directly

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    What I mean is set up your Twitter account and follow any brands, companies or tools you like. Would you like to get updates about Instagram? There’s no other place than Twitter where you can get most up-to-date news. No time to check Twitter all the time? You can set up a recipe in IFTT that will send you notifications every time an account or hashtag that you’ve followed is mentioned:


    Another way to stay on top of the news is to follow the company blogs. I’m keeping an eye on Facebook Newsroom and Facebook Developers for news over improvements in Facebook dashboard or algorithm.

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    Read blogs and subscribe to updates

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    Forget the books and 10-page articles in marketing journals. You want to consume information quickly, easy and implement it right away. You’re working in a dynamic environment and you expect news to be delivered in a dynamic way too. I’d recommend looking at blogs, which are also written by experts in field and practitioners. Take a look at Mari Smith – she probably knows more about Facebook than Mark Zuckerberg himself.

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    What is the advantage of reading blogs if compared to traditional books and journals? First, snippets of most important pieces are distributed on all social media to make sure the right content is delivered to us at the right time and on the devices we prefer to use. Second, signing up for newsletters usually grants you a lot of useful resources – and it’s completely free. Get your social media marketing guide or the most recent studies on SEO all in a nice PDF doc.

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    So here’s my personal list of 8 online marketing blogs that I follow and personally recommend you to start following:

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    1. Hootsuite

    Their Tweets always catch my attention because of the great content that they share, especially about social media. Hootsuite powers a lot of big brands and because of that guys are doing great job in delivering stats and real-life examples. This is where I find inspiration about blog posts and creative use of new social media tools.

    Hootsuite Blog

    Check out this funny, but thoughtful article about the social media strategy built by Hootsuite for Kanye West’s presidential election in 2020.

    2. Shopify

    It’s a fantastic resource for those of you who want to find out more about e-commerce in general. News about online stores, new functionalities as well as updates from big retailers online – it’s all in there. I really enjoy reading about new trends in e-commerce as well as customer behaviour online.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.57.30

    For just your e-mail address they offer a number of free guides and tools such as e.g. Barcode Generator:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.57.45

    3. Hubspot

    Hubspot is one of the few blogs that present news and posts in a clean and easy on eye way. It’s very easy to land on blogs that are just screaming at you and bombard you with flashing ads and pop-up windows. Here, you receive just the headlines of blog posts all divided in three columns: Marketing, Sales and Agency.


    There’s a lot of data to process here – so Hubspot creates a lot of infographics and flowcharts, and most of all, only “How to” articles. It’s a great source for beginners – get your guides right upfront.

    4. Canva

    This is not the Canva tool itself, but the Design Academy by Canva – very useful for those of us that need to create graphics, but are totally not graphic designers.

    Canva Design Academy

    Learn all you need about best newsletter designs or which Pinterest boards on graphic designs to follow. I personally like blog posts about which fonts go well together. If you want to dig deeper, Canva offers tutorials (available via Canva slides) on e.g. choosing the right fonts or positioning elements.

    5. Socialbakers

    Next to Hubspot, Socialbakers does amazing job in presenting content in a clean and pleasant way. The articles are categorized by (hash)tags on the left hand size and top recommended articles not to be missed.


    6. Moz

    This blog comes from the co-founder of Moz and Inbound.com. There are a lot of useful articles from experts on SEO, link building and content marketing. They also offer video content for those of you who like to have something extra in the background, while working. I’m particularly a fan of their Twitter account:


    7. Marketo

    Marketo divides content for B2Consumers and B2B, as well as per major online marketing categories. There are a lot of infographics, kits and beautiful graphs here all sorted per category.


    8. SocialMediaExaminer

    My absolute favourite – not just because of absolutely great content on social media, but also because of the incredible podcast that Mike Stelzner is broadcasting. So let’s get down to podcasts.

    Social Media Examiner

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    Subscribe to podcasts

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    Let me begin with explaining what it really is. A podcast is an audio file broadcasted online via a mobile or computer. In other words, you can download any podcast episode online and play it on your mobile device or from your desktop.

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    For Apple users (available both on iOS and MacOS) make sure you download “Podcasts” from the App Store – it’s free!

    Visit the app and simply browse through different categories, featured, top charts or just simply search for a particular podcast.

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    There are a lot of podcasts or radio stations on anything from daily news, video podcasts, to comedy shows and personal journals on “This American Life”. What’s so cool about podcasts? Well, downloading episodes takes just few seconds and you can listen to them even when you’re offline.

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    Instead of reading, highlighting, browsing, just consume all the content on audio or video right from your car or even when commuting to work in a train! If you want to save an episode, it’s just a click away and many podcasters offer notes in the description.

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    What are the podcasts I listen to?

     As mentioned before, Social Media Examiner is awesome as well as their “sister” show – Social Media Examiner Show. The last one offers quick, 10-15 minutes updates purely on social media, whilst the first one involves more experts in field being interviewed by Mike. This is a screenshot from SME Show podcasts to show you which episodes you could download today:
    Social Media Examiner Show
    Remember, it’s an app for your desktop or mobile, so you can find all shows and episodes via the Podcasts app.
    I’m a big “lifer” of Chalene Johnson – following her Build Your Tribe and Chalene Show episodes on building online business from scratch. Plus, she makes my bike ride to work so much more fun 🙂
    My podcasts also include Ecommerce Influence by Austin Brawner & Chad Vanags, Startup Stories by Andrew Warner, Smart Passive Income by Patt Flynn and episodes on SEO and Graphic Design (you can simply search using those keywords). Seth Godin has an interesting show as well.

    So that was my list! What do you think? Was this helpful? Do you have any resources that have helped you finding out more about online marketing? Share them in the comments below!